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I am working mostly with a multinational companies which are interested in finding a suitable industrial property for manufacturing or warehousing or are in need to find a potential supplier or partner for mutual cooperation.


“I'm working with Mr. Hasko since 2011. Since that time he helped us to rent our industrial premises to several clients.”

Johan Deny, Furni Finish owner, Belgium

“We are grateful to Mr. Hasko for organising us the business trip to Slovakian potential suppliers for our new automotive project.”

Jean Marchioni, BDM of Multimatic, Canada
Dr. Juraj,
I am writing to let you know that following our study to establish an operation in Europe, we have concluded we will not be locating in Slovakia.
We have established an alternative source and are now proceeding in that direction.
I really appreciate your efforts, and the efforts from all your team and support companies. Your team has a lot to offer and the level of input we received was excellent.
I will try to let some key individuals know, that were very kind to support Jeff, Ian and myself during our visits.
We wish you all the success for the future and would gladly act as a reference for your services for other companies.


Ronan Hamill
Managing Director
Wrights Metallix and Composites
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